The 5 most beautiful natural pools in Italy

The best places to go for a secluded swim in Italy
The best places to go for a secluded swim in Italy / Wikimedia Commons
24 June 2021, Redaction

If you love the wonders of nature and are looking for less crowded places where you can enjoy a little relaxation this summer 2021, then we have just the thing for you with out selection of some of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in Italy.

To cool off on hot summer days, these beautiful pools are ideal for spending the day swimming in crystal clear waters, away from noisy and crowded beaches. Take the time this summer to disconnect and rediscover the pleasure of being in contact with nature, among the green vegetation, the white cliffs that shine in the sunlight and the blue of these pools of water which are impossible to resist. Check out our recommendations of the best natural swimming pools in Italy.

Grotta della Poesia

The changing colours of the sea / Wikimedia commons

The so-called ‘Cave of Poetry’ is located in Roca Vecchia, Melendugno in the province of Lecce. This beautiful natural swimming pool is one of the most famous attractions in Salento and is located right on the coast. The name of this enchanted place is linked to a legend that tells of a princess who bathed in the cave and inspired the verses of poets with her beauty.

In reality there are actually 2 caves, the Poesia grande and Poesia piccola. The first is easily reached by a flight of steps carved into the rock, while the second is decidedly less accessible and for those who really want to go off the beaten track this summer. The large cave on the southern side opens towards the sea and is connected to the smaller one by an underwater tunnel.

For true water lovers and daredevils, we recommend having a go at diving in these waters from a height of about 4 metres: an experience that is sure to leave you lost for words.

Thermal hotsprings in Sorgeto

The thermal spring at Sorgeto / Wikimedia commons

On the incredible island of Ischia, in the municipality of Forio, there is a real free thermal park: the Baia di Sorgento (Sorgento Bay). Here you can enjoy a relaxing bath thanks to the thermal waters in these natural hot springs in Italy that flow at very high temperatures and mix with the cold currents of the sea.

Access to this sun-kissed corner of paradise isn’t difficult, but it requires a little effort, bearing in mind that to reach the sea you have to go down around 200 steps. An alternative during the summer is to make use of the convenient boat-taxi service from the neighbouring town of Sant'Angelo.

Discover the benefits of an exceptional thermal spa and let the current gently massage your body. For a truly romantic and unique experience in Italy this summer 2021, stay to watch the sunset from the bay.

Laghetti di Avola

A swimming pool in the mountains / Wikimedia commons

In the nature reserve of Cavagrande del Cassibile, in the province of Siracusaci, you will find the Laghetti di Avola (Pools of Avola): small pools carved in white stone and framed by stunning wild surroundings.

Lovers of trekking and hiking will enjoy the trail leading to the ponds, which is about a mile long. It is a beautiful walk through unspoilt nature, including oriental banana trees and oleanders, will lead you to take a refreshing dip in the crystalline waters of the ponds and relax listening to the sound of the waterfalls.

Beware that this natural pool in Italy isn't the most accessible as you'll need to tackle a fairly steep slope to get there. Be prepared for a bit of a challenge, but also a great reward for those who make the effort, as the more difficult access makes this natural pool a wonderfully quiet, uncrowded place.

The Venus Pools

Enchanting sunset over the horizon /

At the northern end of Milazzo is one of the most evocative places in Sicily: the Piscina di Venere (Venus Pool). This area is home to a stunning natural pond, protected by the promontory of Cape Milazzo, which fills up at high tide.

To get there, be prepared for some walking, as you have to take a path surrounded by typical Mediterranean plants and from where you can enjoy breathtaking views. An explosion of wonderful scents and colours will lead you to a staircase in the rock that leads to the charming Venus Swimming Pool.

Nature will reward your efforts by offering incredible views and you can cool off and relax by swimming in the clear waters of this heavenly place.

Irgas natural pools

Swimming pool in the middle of a canyon / Wikimedia commons

In the heart of Sardinia is the Oridda valley you will find a real hidden gem: the Irgas natural swimming pool. This area offers a body of water covered by waterfalls and surrounded by the high rock walls of the canyon in which it’s located.

To get there you need to walk along a path, but the beauty of the landscape and the scent of the eucalyptus trees and aromatic plants that grow here in abundance will ease your way.

After a beautiful walk, take a dip in this wonderful pool and if you want a bit more of an adventure, you can continue to reach another natural spectacle, the Muru Mannu waterfall and the Linas River.

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