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Beachfront apartments in Italy

Beach properties for sale in Italy

Summer is almost here, and so are long days spent at the beach. What better place to enjoy the sand beneath your feet and wake up to the sound of waves than in Italy which is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastline in the world.
Buying a house in Italy using technology

How technology could help you buy a home in Italy

How has the real estate market changed more than a year after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and what are the emerging trends in the sector in 2021? To get an overview, idealista/news interviewed Giorgio Tinacci, founder and CEO of Casavo, the instant buyer that has had a winning impact on
The most sought-after property types in Italy

The most sought-after property types in Italy

If you're thinking of buying property in Italy, whether you're planning to move or make an investment, then an important thing to consider is the availability and popularity of different property types in the country, especially due to changing property market trends in Italy as a result of the coro
Prepare your home in Italy to be sold

Top 10 tips for selling your home in Italy

Nowadays when selling a property, it is extremely important to pay attention to how it is presented, and in the digital age we live in, this is even more crucial. In what ways can you make your property stand out from the crowd? First of all, by presenting it to buyers in the best possible way.
Ready to find the house of your dreams?

Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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