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Houses with discounts

15 bargain price houses

The real estate market is in constantly being shaken up. Offers and real estate balance, discounted properties, opportunities on property prices… this and much more is in this selection of the best second-hand discounted houses for sale in Italy. Don’t let it get away!
These are the top 10 properties to buy in Italy being sold at auction

Buy a house at auction in Italy

Buying a property for sale at auction in Italy is a great way to get a bargain. Italian repossessed property that is sold at house auctions (known in Italian as case in vendita all'asta) can help you save money when compared with the market value of other real estate investments.
This ancient home for sale in Italy has some surprising features...

House of the week - 5th July 2019

Tucked away high in the green hills of Umbria, near Perugia, this incredible luxury home has some totally unique features that will knock your socks off. Originally built in the 17th century, the property includes a villa, a tower and various other buildings that have all been fully renovated.
Ready to find the house of your dreams?

Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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