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Travel by car on the Italian coasts

The Italian coast on the road

With 7,458 km of wonderful landscapes, the Italian coast is a fantastic holiday destination. And just because the summer has past, doesn't mean you can't take a break to enjoy it. Here at idealista we've decided to show you some of the best places on the coast to visit on wheels. 
The best Italian olive oils

A guide to the best olive oils in Italy

As well as for its wine and great cuisine, Italy is also known for its olive oil and is the world's second highest producer of extra virgin olive oil behind Spain. From adding it to bread to enhancing delicious Italian fish and pasta dishes, olive oil is a true staple in the Italian diet.
Cheap summer holidays in Italy 2021

Cheap summer holidays in Italy 2021

In the second COVID summer, many people have not yet booked their holidays due to uncertainty related to the pandemic and travel restrictions. Many therefore will opt to book as late as possible and take advantage of last-minute deals in Italy.
The best places to go for a secluded swim in Italy

The 5 most beautiful natural pools in Italy

If you love the wonders of nature and are looking for less crowded places where you can enjoy a little relaxation this summer 2021, then we have just the thing for you with out selection of some of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in Italy.
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