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5 seaside towns in Italy you have to visit

The more than 4,500 miles of Italian coast are an irresistible attraction for all lovers of the sea. There are many cities and towns, bathed by the crystalline waters of the sea, which are like scenes from a postcard that show the true beauty of Italy.

Easter in Italy

Italy during its Holy Week of Easter, which this year falls between 14th April and 21st April 2019, is a sight not to be missed. It’s certainly more than chocolate eggs and bunnies.
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Romantic holiday homes for Valentine's Day

On 14th February, lovers all over the world celebrate their favourite holiday – Valentine’s Day. It’s an opportunity to show your loved one all the love and affection you feel for them by making this day truly unique and different from the usual daily routine.

5 free hot springs in Italy

Synonymous with well-being and relaxation, natural spas and hot springs are a gift of nature that everyone needs to experience and enjoy at some point in life, and perhaps in 2020 more than ever. The thermal waters not only have infinite and well-known healing properties, but, in most cases, they ar

Guide to Christmas markets in Italy 2018

Christmas is just a few weeks away and every Italian city is preparing to celebrate this holiday in style. As tradition dictates, there will be lights, decorations and the inevitable Christmas markets. What are the best Christmas markets in Italy in 2018?

Take a gastronomic tour of Italy

Italy is 100,000 square miles of impeccable taste. From North to South, the country is a succession of unmistakeable flavours, with a wide variety of typical products and unique recipes that are handed down from generation to generation, making Italy’s cuisine the most famous in the world.

Weekend away in Italy: 5 fairytale cities

There are places whose beauty makes them seem unreal, as if they had been created by an artist or as a stage for a theatrical show. In Italy there are many places that we could classify as "too beautiful to be true" and today we present you with 5 of them.
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