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The 4 most colourful cities in Europe

The most colourful destinations in Europe

Prepare your smartphone (or make sure you're sitting comfortably), as it's time to go on a tour to discover some of the most colourful destinations in Europe. Whether they are vibrant, colourful cities or characteristic villages with colourful houses on a cliff, these charming destinations are sure
A journey through Italy to discover its typical cheeses

5 of the best Italian cheeses

Autumn is the perfect season to escape the cold and enjoy good food. And we can think of no beter plan than a culinary journey through Italy which you can enjoy at home, while adding these delicious destinations to your travel bucket list for your next trip to Italy. 
Patrica, one of the abandoned Italian villages selling houses for 1 euro / Wikimedia commons

1 euro houses

How does the houses for 1 euro project work? These houses are owned by individuals who want to get rid of them as quickly as possible so as not to pay taxes. We are talking about dilapidated or dangerous buildings that require major renovations.
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