What are the top places for Erasmus in Italy?

Best cities for studying an Erasmus year abroad in Italy
Best cities for studying an Erasmus year abroad in Italy
26 January 2018, Redaction

Italy is the country which receives the 5th most Erasmus students each year. There is an extremely rich culture in Italy and huge regional differences, so where is the best place for you to study in Italy?

Bologna: The University of Bologna is one of the oldest in Europe, yet one of the most modern too. It’s the uni with the most Erasmus students in all of Italy, so there is a great international vibe there. What’s more, the medieval city and its numerous ancient monuments are a cultural treat not to be missed.

Padua: The university is the second oldest, after Bologna, but the city of Padua is much smaller. This means there is a large student population, with almost a third of people there studying, so there is buzzing young atmosphere. For a weekend break, though, Venice and Verona are right next door.

Big cities

Rome: Between the Colosseum and the Vatican, there are 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a whopping twenty-four universities in Rome. With nearly three million people and all the entertainment you can imagine to supply them, the Italian capital is an ideal Erasmus destination.

Milan: There are several prestigious universities in Milan, specialising in Economics, Engineering and Arts, and it is the most popular Italian city for Erasmus. With lots of green spaces and loads of cultural and leisure activities on offer, you won’t be disappointed.

Other options to consider, each with their own charm, are Turin (the third Italian economic powerhouse), Naples (birthplace of pizza) and Florence (in beautiful Tuscany).

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