Italian property news

Italian property news

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Old manor house for sale in Tuscany, Italy

House of the week - 6th September 2019

Who doesn't dream of a country house in Italy to enjoy their holidays in peace or to spend their retirement? Our property of the week is an old manor house for sale in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful and popular regions among foreigners who would like to buy a property in Italy.
These are the top 10 properties to buy in Italy being sold at auction

Buy a house at auction in Italy

Buying a property for sale at auction in Italy is a great way to get a bargain. Italian repossessed property that is sold at house auctions (known in Italian as case in vendita all'asta) can help you save money when compared with the market value of other real estate investments.

Send money to Italy from UK

When you have a second home in Italy, it’s often necessary to send money to the country to pay for bills, taxes and other living expenses of being an expat, but banks and money transfer companies can sometimes take advantage of exchange rates and fees.
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Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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