Italian property news

Italian property news

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Immerse yourself in the beautiful Tuscan countryside

Tuscany's best-kept secrets

Autumn is a slow season in Italy; little by little, the trees change colour, the leaves fall off the branches to the ground forming a colourful carpet, and the animals prepare to slide into a long winter sleep.
Modern luxury villa

House of the week - 25th October 2019

The house of the week today is a villa in an exclusive residential complex in Milan. This prestigous property exudes modern elegance both all throughout. It is close to the center of Milan offering the luxury of a home and a personal spa, with a high level of privacy.
Italian citizenship / Pixabay

How to acquire Italian citizenship

In general, Italian citizenship is obtained ‘ius sanguinis’, this means having an Italian parent. However, it is possible to obtain citizenship by meeting different conditions. The matter is governed by Law No 91 of 5 February 1992. Italian heritage or marriage
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