What is Erasmus and is it for me?

The Erasmus scheme is free for all students, so it could be perfect for you / Gtres
The Erasmus scheme is free for all students, so it could be perfect for you / Gtres
15 June 2018, Redaction

Everyone has heard about the Erasmus programme, but what is it exactly? More importantly, how can you be a part of it? Let’s find out.

The Erasmus programme is an exchange programme for European students which offers possibilities to study or work abroad in any European country that is part of the programme. The duration of the exchange is normally at least 3 months and at a maximum one year.

Who can apply?

Contrary to what many students assume, the programme is not only for language students. You can apply to the programme if you are studying in a higher educational institution with studies leading to a recognised degree or other recognised tertiary level qualification (a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate). Your institution must also be located in one of the countries participating the Erasmus programme.

What about funding? Is there any support available for going abroad? The programme offers support and benefits for Erasmus students, yet another reason to consider applying. There is extra support for students going on traineeships and students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and all Erasmus students are exempt from paying tuition fees, registration, examinations and charges for using the laboratories and libraries at the institution they go to. You can check the grant levels and fixed rates for exchanges in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

Italy as a destination

This probably doesn’t surprise you, but Italy is among the most popular destinations for Erasmus exchange. It isn’t only because of the great food – Italy has some of Europe’s best universities. The University of Bologna attracts more Erasmus students than any other university in Europe, so you’ll fit right in. Other great universities are the Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Sapienza University in Rome and Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.

You can spend your free time admiring the beautiful scenery and getting to know the history and culture of this ancient and fascinating country. Italy hosts over 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites, so you won’t run out of things to see.

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