Europe's greenest cities

Both Rome and Milan feature in the top 5 greenest cities in Europe.

Paris tops the rankings / Gtres
Paris tops the rankings / Gtres
16 September 2020, Redaction

Rome and Milan are among the most environmentally friendly cities in Europe. This is according to the 2020 Green City Index, drawn up by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Paris leads the ranking, thanks to the use of shared mobility, good public transport, and a large number of pedestrian areas, parks and green areas. It is joined in the top five by Amsterdam, which has always championed a green logic for urban management and transport, among which the bicycle always remains at the top of the list. Fourth place is occupied by Stockholm.

Rome, Italy's capital, is in third place in the ranking, while Milan comes in at fifth place. However, curiously, the Lombard capital also appears rather high in the ranking of the most polluted cities in Europe.

In general, the criteria considered to classify green cities are: the number of parks, gardens, natural areas, playgrounds, areas with water and forests. The attention to mobility, reduction of carbon emissions, urban development aimed at pedestrianisation and the use of alternative means of transport to cars is also highly considered.

Rome and Milan are well placed in this ranking. The latter thanks to the work carried out to increase the number of green areas and the spread of shared mobility, while the capital is recognised for its undisputed presence of public green areas in historic buildings, which make almost 70% of the municipal territory a real green lung in Europe.

However, Milan and Rome also rank 11th and 13th among the most polluted cities in Europe, a ranking that takes air quality into account.
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