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What is the best way to find a place to live in Italy as an Erasmus student? / Gtres
What is the best way to find a place to live in Italy as an Erasmus student? / Gtres
6 July 2018, Redaction

The date for your Erasmus exchange is coming ever closer, but you still haven’t got a clue where you’re going to stay. As Michael Jackson said, you are not alone; idealista/news is here to help you! Read this article and get ready to find a place to live in Italy.

It’s a good idea to arrange your housing situation before you arrive. You’ve got several options, each with their own pros and cons. Try to investigate all the different ways you could live and find the best one for you. These are the most common ones:

  • Host families: Many people choose to live with a host family. This is great if you want to learn the language and it’ll help you to feel less homesick because you’re surrounded by the typical Italian family atmosphere. You can also get to know the local culture and the Italian way of life and if you’re really lucky your host mamma’s might even teach you to cook traditional Italian dishes!
  • Dorm housing: Another popular option among Erasmus students is to live in dormitories or university residences on campus. It is relatively cheap and is a good way to meet other students like you while living near the school and saving money on travelling there every day.
  • Flat sharing: Having roommates is probably one of the most popular ways to live abroad. This way your rent will be less expensive because it is shared and you will also be able to socialize with your flatmates, which is great because sometimes going to a new country on your own can be lonely. You can also improve your Italian language skills if you find a flat with locals!
  • Apartments/flats: Some people prefer to have their own space regardless of the more expensive rents. If this sounds like you, maybe you want to rent a flat in Italy just for yourself. Be aware, though, that it isn’t always easy to get your own apartment for a short contract period, and you should also be prepared to pay a fee to the estate agency on top of the rental deposit.

How do you find a place to live?

Start looking for somewhere to live as soon as you get confirmation of the university you’ll be studying at during your Erasmus exchange. Ask other people who have done their year abroad for suggestions, either in person or on internet forums, and use local real estate websites like

When you’ve found the perfect place online, the owner will probably ask for a deposit. See if you can visit the place or ask someone you trust to do it for you before giving away any money. Look at other typical flats in the area to avoid getting scammed. If the place looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t rush into things – some Erasmus students prefer to stay in a hotel or temporary accommodation for a while when they first arrive. This could save you from making a snap decision about your accommodation that could be a disaster in the long run. Eventually you’ll find the perfect place and once you do, make sure you know all about Italy’s renting policies and what mistakes to avoid. Then go out, find your home in Italy and enjoy your Erasmus exchange to the fullest!

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Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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