How to cut down household expenses in your property in Italy

10 May 2021, Redaction

At a time of uncertainty such as the present, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and cautious economic outlook, saving money is becoming increasingly important. You can start by reducing energy consumption in your home, especially if you have a second residence or holiday home in Italy. Here, according to, is a list of things you should (and should not) do to reduce your household bills in Italy.

How to save energy in the kitchen

  • The refrigerator: just by removing this appliance from the wall by a mere 10 centimetres, you can save up to 23 euros a year. Due to haste or distraction, it can happen that you don't close the freezer or refrigerator door properly. Doing so systematically can cost you up to 21 euros a year, while if you decide to replace the refrigerator, simply switching from a B class to an A+ class can save up to 32 euros, or even more if you opt for a better energy class.
  • The oven: it would be possible to save up to 33 euros if you use a microwave rather than a traditional oven to defrost.
  • The dishwasher: Stopping the dishwasher cycle before the dishes dry saves up to 18 euros a year.
  • Pots and pans: using a pressure cooker instead of a traditional one will reduce your energy bill by around 8 euros, but if you really want or need to use traditional pots and pans, for example to cook pasta... at least do it with a lid, you'll save 5 euros.

How to save energy in the bathroom

  • Hot water: Not running it while showering or shaving saves up to 36 euros a year.
  • Washing machine: carefully choosing the programme on which to set the washing machine, for example washing at 60 degrees instead of 90 translates into an annual saving of 25 euros.

How to save energy in your home

  • Heating: During the winter, lowering the heating in your home by just one degree will save you around 50 euros, and turning the system off completely when you are away at 8 euros.
  • Cooling: carefully programming the air conditioning so as not to waste its effects allows you to save about 50 euros per year, dehumidifying instead of cooling allows you to save up to 85 euros and if you change the air conditioner from a class B to a class A+++, you will save about 90 euros per year.

Savings on your electricity bill

  • House lights: systematically switching off unnecessary lights can save up to 30 euros a year. Choosing LED light bulbs (including on the Christmas tree) could cut up to 30 euros a year in costs.
  • Household appliances: eliminating the stand-by mode of small household appliances could save up to 56 euros.
  • Mobile phone charger: if it stays plugged in even when it's not doing its job, it doesn't consume that much: just 1.50 euros.
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