Energy efficiency tax rebate in Italy 2019: get money off for solar panels and heat valves

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14 February 2019, Redaction

Energy efficiency measures on your house in Italy, such as installing solar panels and radiator valves, can benefit from Italian tax breaks. Let's see which taxes, how much money you can save and when to deduct expenses.

The installation of heat measuring systems and solar panels is included in the 65% deductions with eco bonuses or 50% with the restructuring bonuses.

Solar panels: tax deduction and ENEA documentation

If you install solar panels to produce hot water, you can take advantage of the 65% deduction of the IRPEF Italian income tax thanks to the ecobonus, with a maximum deductible limit of 60 thousand euro. This tax break scheme applies not only to homes, but also to companies, health facilities and sports centres.

Solar panels can also be included in the renovation bonus, ‘Bonus ristrutturazioni’, which allows you to deduct 50% of the costs of remodelling work, up to a limit of 96 thousand euro per real estate unit. However, in this case it is better to use the ecobonus because in addition to the higher percentage of tax deduction also guarantees you a higher possible expenditure (the 96-thousand-euro ceiling for renovations refers to all restructuring work).

As regards the documentation to be submitted to ENEA, the Italian Ecological Technology Agency, if the ecobonus is used, you must submit the "Scheda descrittiva dell’intervento" form relating to the year of construction which is available on their Italian-language website.

From November 2018 onwards, if any renovation work on Italian buildings also involves greater energy efficiency using renewable sources, for example the installation of solar-thermal panels, this work must be officially documented with an indication of the type of energy collector installed and the system it has replaced.

Thermostatic radiator valves: tax deductions and ENEA documentation

The installation of thermoregulation and heat regulating systems like special valves for your radiators may also be included among the building work that can be deducted by 65% if it is carried out together with the replacement of the heating systems. Even if you don’t replace the whole heating system in your house, though, you can still take advantage of the 50% tax deduction of the restructuring bonus.

As for the necessary documentation, it’s the same as with the solar panels; you need to send the same "Intervention description sheet" form to the ENEA. To receive the benefits of the restructuring bonus, however, you must document the useful power of the central heating system, the number of units served, number of heat meters and number of distributors.

From the original Italian article: (Edilportale)

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