COVID green pass Italy: what is it and how to get one?

Italy imposes ‘green pass’ restrictions on all unvaccinated people, resident in Italy or not. We have the details on how how to get a green pass for Italy.

Green Pass
29 July 2021, Redaction

In a bid to deal with rising coronavirus cases, Italy has introduced its very own "green pass". What is a green pass in Italy? Basically, the green pass is a digital or paper certificate, also known as a COVID passport in Italy, that aims to show if someone has received at least one COVID jab, has tested negative for the virus or has recently recovered from COVID-19. 

Italy's most recent COVID decree, announced on 22nd July 2021, has also changed the rules regarding the green pass in Italy. Let's see what changes from 6th August and how to download the green pass, which will now be mandatory for many activities, such as going to restaurants or indoor gyms.

What is the green pass in Italy needed for?

The surge in coronavirus infections due to the Delta variant has prompted the Italian government to approve a new mandatory green pass for indoor restaurants and bars, as well as for shows open to the public, including sporting events and competitions. Therefore, from 6th August 2021, it will be mandatory to have a green pass for the following activities in Italy:

  • Indoor catering services, including bars and restaurants
  • Performances open to the public, such as sporting events and competitions
  • Museums, other institutes and places of culture and exhibitions
  • Swimming pools, gyms, taking part in team sports, wellness centres, also within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities
  • Festivals, fairs, conventions and congresses
  • Spas, theme and amusement parks
  • Cultural centres, social and recreational centres, limited to indoor activities and excluding children's educational centres, summer centres and related catering activities
  • Gambling and betting shops, bingo halls and casinos;

How to get a green pass in Italy?

So, how can you download the green pass, Italy's COVID-19 certificate? The green pass QR code is generated automatically 12 days after the administration of the first dose and until the 15th day after the second dose. The final certificate is issued 24/48 hours after the second dose and is valid for 9 months. In this case, it is necessary to visit the official government website, where you will have to enter your health card number and an authorisation code that you will receive by SMS or email. You can also download your green pass using the Immuni App or the Io App, as well as through the Regional Electronic Health Record.

Do I need a green pass to travel to Italy from abroad?

When it comes to travelling to Italy from abroad, the best place to get advice is from the Italian Foreign Ministry. They have created a straightforward interactive questionnaire, which by completing will tell you what documents and protocols you will need to follow when travelling to Italy from abroad. No matter where you are travelling from, you will almost certainly be required to show documents presenting proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative test result.

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