1 euro houses in Italy in 2021: Sicily adds a new town to the list

Delia in Sicily is the latest town to offer 1 euro houses in Italy

1 euro houses in Sicily, Italy
Comune di Delia
21 January 2021, Redaction

1 euro houses in Italy remain a popular option in 2021. The municipality of Delia in Sicily is the latest Italian village to launch the 1 euro house initiative. Let's see wat the local mayor, Gianfilippo Bancheri, had to say about the project in a recent interview with idealista/news.

The mayor of Delia, in the province of Caltanissetta, explained that "this initiative was introduced because over the years I have often found myself talking to first-generation emigrants, who, unable to come to Delia because of their advanced age, complained that they had properties they could no longer use and for which they paid taxes". Bancheri stressed: 'This has been compounded by the fact that over the years, as in all towns, the historic centre has emptied to the benefit of living in the suburbs, and some buildings are not in perfect condition from the point of view of usability and safety'.

The mayor of Delia went on to say that 'the municipal regulations will allow the municipality to take a census of these houses, reaching out to the owners, who must obviously give their written consent. Immediately afterwards, a list of the 1 euro properties will be drawn up and published on the municipal notice board. Subsequently, the requests of potential buyers will be examined.

Bancheri concluded by saying: "All this will also serve to get the construction industry in the area moving again, to redevelop the historic centre and to give young couples, or people who may not be able to afford it, the chance to own a house for a small financial outlay. Obviously, those who buy a house for 1 euro in Delia are obliged to make it safe and to carry out the necessary work to make it liveable and therefore usable".

Houses for 1 euro in Sicily in 2021: announcement by the municipality of Delia

As reported on the official website of the municipality of Delia, 'the municipal administration's initiative stems from the fact that in the historic centre of Delia, which falls within 'Zone A' of the general regulatory plan in Italy (PRG), there are numerous old buildings, whose physical deterioration is such that they require the immediate intervention to make them safe. The regulation approved by the municipal council governs the sale of buildings for which the owners have expressed their willingness, by means of a formal request, to transfer their property to third parties free of charge (or at a symbolic price). The aim of the initiative launched by the administration is "to recover and enhance existing real estate heritage, revitalising the historic centre and favouring new residential settlements, tourist accommodation activities, shops or craft workshops".

1 euro homes in Delia
Comune di Delia
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