25 affordable mountain homes for sale in Italy

Affordable mountain homes for sale in Italy
5 October 2021, Redaction

If the beach isn't your thing, then fear not, as Italy has so much more to offer than just beautiful coastline. And now that Autumn is almost upon us, there’s nothing more romantic than a cosy cabin in the mountains, a country property where you can relax with your loved ones and forget about the stress of daily life. Often known in Italian as a ‘baita’, this traditional style of country property is the perfect option for a holiday home in Italy, thanks to spectacular views, affordable price tags and an idyllic location.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic property for sale in the Italian Alps, a manor house in the countryside or a humble log cabin for your second home in Italy, have a look at our selection of 25 cheap mountain homes, all for sale for under 100,000 euros. These Italian mountain homes for sale are perfect for enjoying the Italian sun in rural surroundings, not to mention that you'll also be well prepared for the Italian ski season in the winter as many of these properties also double up as ski properties. 

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