Getting your academic degree accredited in Italy

Validating a university degree from another country in Italy / Gtres
Validating a university degree from another country in Italy / Gtres
10 October 2018, Redaction

Are you about to move to Italy and not quite sure yet if your academic diploma will be recognised there? Don’t worry, we got you. Read on to learn all about the process of validating your educational qualifications in Italy.

Foreign citizens with an academic or professional qualification from outside of Italy can apply for official recognition as it is required to enrol in a degree course, research doctorate or to participate in an open competitive exam. The same applies for professional qualifications. You can get more information from the Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equality or CIMEA.

Equivalence is an academic accreditation based on evaluation of a higher-level educational qualification. Its purpose is to verify that a foreign degree corresponds on a detailed level to a similar degree in an Italian university. This is issued by Italian universities that make their decision on a case by case basis.

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted to the University Administration Office and you need to provide the following things:

  • Direct application to the selected Italian University Dean
  • Original school certificate that allowed admission to the university of the degree in the first place
  • Original analytical certificate of the university exams issued by the university with all the details (dates, locations etc.)
  • Coursework for each exam
  • Original copy of the academic qualification held
  • Three passport photos

EU-citizens and non-EU citizens can personally submit the application to the Administration Office of the university in question if they are legally resident in Italy. Foreign citizens that live abroad need to submit the application with the required paperwork to the Italian Diplomatic Representative in their country before the deadline of the Ministry for Education, University and Research (MUIR).

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