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Italy's relaunch decree is now law / Gtres

Italy's relaunch decree: latest news and changes

After conversion to the Senate, Italy's relaunch decree is now law. There have been some changes in the planned measures, with the official and final text pending publication in the Italian state bulletin, Gazzetta, from the ecobonus 110 to non-refundable contributions.
Now that Brexit is here, is it time to get Italian residency? / Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Residency in Italy after Brexit

Now that Brexit is finally here, one of the big questions asked by Brits abroad is about residency in another country. If you live in Italy, then you must register as a resident there if you plan to stay for more than three months.
Driving in Italy after Brexit / Oli Woodman on Unsplash

Driving in Italy after Brexit

Do I need to swap my British licence for an Italian one? What about taking another driving test? Brexit being Brexit, things aren’t very clear and there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding many questions asked by British expats in Italy.
Italian citizenship / Pixabay

How to acquire Italian citizenship

In general, Italian citizenship is obtained ‘ius sanguinis’, this means having an Italian parent. However, it is possible to obtain citizenship by meeting different conditions. The matter is governed by Law No 91 of 5 February 1992. Italian heritage or marriage
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