How to increase natural light in your home

These helpful tips will allow you to maximise natural light, even in the darkest of homes.

10 June 2020, Redaction

Staying at home is the new going out in Italy nowadays. Just like in many countries across Europe, the period of confinement at home due to the coronavirus pandemic has made us even more aware of the importance of natural light. Natural light has been proved necessary to have the best conditions for working from home and, in general, natural light is better for our wellbeing. Given that this trend of working from home and spending more time within those four walls is set to continue, Habitissimo's experts have come up with some useful advice on how to increase natural light in the home, while also saving money on electricity bills.

Mirrors are your friend

One of the objects that can improve the transmission of daylight in any property is the simple mirror. Mirrors play an important role as they reflect light from one wall to another, therefore maximising the room's illumination.

The importance of wall colour

The paint colour on the walls at home is also an important factor. Walls painted in dark colours and those with light shades do not have the same effects on lighting. To be precise, the colder the colours on the walls, the more natural light will be reflected.

Know how to choose the right curtains

One of the furnishing elements that acts as a barrier to daylight, often hindering its passage, are curtains made with thick fabrics. Therefore, it is better to choose, according to each room, the appropriate curtains for brighter or darker spaces.

Skylight windows: an expensive, but effective element

The last suggestion is the most expensive but at the same time it really is very effective: the skylight window. This solution is a tool that not only allows you to illuminate a room beautifully, but is also a way to take advantage of sunlight and fill a room with heat, with a function similar to that of a radiator.

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