How to apply for Italy's holiday bonus online in 2021

Take advantage of Italy's holiday bonus this summer 2021 / Unsplash
9 June 2021, Redaction

Italy's most recent COVID-19 decree confirmed an extension to the holiday bonus in Italy for summer 2021. Check out this quick reminder of who can apply and how to apply for the 2021 holiday bonus online.

The holiday bonus 2021 is a contribution of up to 500 euros to be used for stays in hotels, campsites, tourist villages, farm holiday centres and bed & breakfasts in Italy, but also for the payment of services offered in Italy by travel agencies and tour operators (this is the novelty introduced by the most recent emergency decree and marks a clear difference from the 2020 holiday bonus).

Remember that only households with an ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) income of up to 40,000 euros can apply for the holiday bonus and that the amount of the 2021 holiday bonus will depend on the size of the household (500 euros for a household composed of 3 or more people, 300 euros for 2 people and 150 euros for one person).

When it comes to how to apply for the 2021 holiday bonus in Italy, take note that this year applications can only be made and paid in digital form. One member of the household must have a SPID or CIE 3.0 (Carta d'Identita Elettonica - Electronic Identity Card) digital identity. When applying for the bonus, you will have to enter your SPID credentials and then provide your ISEE to check your eligibility.

The holiday bonus is then assigned to the household through a unique code, which will also be associated with a QR code which should then be presented to the hotelier, for example, together with the tax code, when paying for the stay in any facility participating in the holiday bonus 2021.

It is also important to note that the 2021 holiday bonus can only be used by one member of the household, even if different from the person who requested it. It must be spent in a single payment, at a single tourist accommodation facility in Italy or at a single travel agency or tour operator for the payment of services offered within Italy.

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