Go on holiday in Italy for just 2 euros per night this summer 2021

2 euro holidays are back in Cilento for the second year in a row. We have all the information on how you can take advantage and get an (almost) free holiday in Italy.

2 euro holidays in Cilento
2 euro holidays in Cilento
12 July 2021, Redaction

If you're still planning your summer holiday, then the idea of an (almost) free holiday in Italy may be music to your ears. It is not only Italy's holiday bonus that will boost tourism in Italy this summer 2021. In Cilento, in the province of Salerno, there is a village that for the second year in a row is offering accommodation for just 2 euros per person per day for a week. You can take advantage of these cheap holidays in Italy in the village of San Mauro La Bruca, and to find out more, idealista/news spoke to the mayor Francesco Scarabino.

The initiative was launched less than a year ago by the council in San Mauro La Bruca to combat depopulation in the area, and this year in 2021, the council has decided to repeat its 2 euro holiday project: "The first 18 guests arrived in San Mauro La Bruca at the end of June and the initiative will continue throughout the summer".

In detail, this cheap holiday initiative involves the municipality of San Mauro La Bruca making available 6 double rooms in Piazza Monsignor Pasquale Allegro for 7 consecutive nights. Rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis with a Saturday to Saturday turnaround. The price to stay here in one of these rooms is just 2 euros per person per day, the same as in 2020.

"Vacanze a 2 euro" is aimed at both Italians and foreigners who live outside the region Campania or even abroad, and the only other requirement is that the tourists do not have relatives living in the municipality of San Mauro La Bruca. To apply, simply visit the San Mauro La Bruca website, where you will be able to find more details in English and Italian. 

But why is this Cilento village offering cheap holidays once again? The mayor of San Mauro La Bruca explained: "We decided to repeat the 2 euro housing initiative because in 2020 it was so successful that it was impossible to deal with all the 1,500 applications we received. Last year, we reached the goal we had set for ourselves, because many farmers sold cheese, oil and local products. On top of this, many tourists decided to stay in the village even after the 2 euro week offered by the municipality, filling B&Bs and holiday homes as well".

The mayor also stressed that "all the town's commercial activities, including restaurants and pizzerias, were full throughout the summer and even the town's bar set up tables in the square, practically turning the street into a restaurant because there was so much demand. Our initiative has benefited the whole town".

In addition to its proximity to seaside resorts such as Palinuro and Marina di Camarota, it has plenty of greenery and offers the possibility of hiking and beautiful countryside walks. The village is also very appealing for religious and archaeological tourism.

The idea for the current council would be to extend the initiative beyond the summer period: "COVID restriction permitting, and if I were to be re-elected in the next elections, we would like to offer 2 euro accommodation in the village even during the autumn, as well as at Christmas and Easter".

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