Quality of Life 2020: the best Italian cities to live in

The ranking released by the Italian newpaper, "Il Sole 24 Ore", puts Milan back on the podium

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Five Italian cities with the best quality of life
23 January 2020,

Milan is confirmed at the top of the ranking of the best cities to live in Italy, looking at quality of life. According to the Italian newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, the Lombardy capital beat Bolzano for the second year running, a city which dominated the podium for a long time.

According to the analysis of the 90 factors examined in the study by Il Sole 24 Ore that have identified the best cities in Italy according to quality of life for 37 years, Milan continues to top the list. This is thanks to the growing demographic trend, the improvement of the increasingly green lifestyle, an increasingly rich cultural offer and the economy which traditionally acts as a locomotive for the rest of Italy. Only in terms of security, Milan scores a little lower.

The rest of the top five is occupied by Bolzano (which stands out in the category of "demography and society"), Trento (which tops the list for "Environment and services"), Aosta (in the top spot for "Wealth and consumption") and Trieste. The province of Monza and Brianza climbs the ranking to 6th place, gaining 17 places since last year. The capital city, Rome, also gains 3 positions, moving up to 18th place, Cagliari comes in 20th gaining 24 places, Genoa gains 11 places up to 45th place, Florence up 7 to 15th place and Turin up 5 to the 33rd spot. Last in the list, as it has been for several years, Caltanissetta.

Here are the five cities with the best quality of life in Italy:

1. Milan

Milan / Gtres

2. Bolzano

Bolzano / Gtres

3. Trento

Trento / Gtres

4. Aosta

Aosta / Gtres

5. Trieste

Trieste / Gtres
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