How to avoid coronavirus infection while living in an apartment block in Italy

Take the necessary precautions in your apartment block to fight the spread of the coronavirus / Gtres
Take the necessary precautions in your apartment block to fight the spread of the coronavirus / Gtres
26 March 2020, Redaction

How can you avoid coronavirus infection if you live in an apartment block in Italy? Let's have a look at advice and frequently asked questions addressed by the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) and the Department of Health.

Postal services

Ordinary letters should be left in a postbox. For registered, insured and offical letters needing a signature or for parcels, delivery companies or the post office will make sure that the recipient is present and deliver them to a specially designated place, signing in place of the recipient. Otherwise, a notice for mail collection will be left as usual.

Can doormen or caretakers receive parcels?

If your apartment block has a caretaker or doorman, then the same procedure as above should be followed and human contact reduced as much as possible. 

Use of the lift

If you have to enter or leave the building and use the lift, do not touch the walls and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after touching door handles and buttons.

Will the caretaker be working as usual?

Caretakers will be able to continue their jobs providing that they respect the interpersonal distance of one metre and adopt protection devices such as masks, gloves and disinfectant.

Rules for cleaning companies

Cleaning is more important than ever. Companies responsable for cleaning in apartment blocks should exercise caution when choosing cleaning times, use masks and gloves and adopt the same safety distance of one metre. If necessary, cleaning services in apartment blocks during busy times may be suspended. Compliance with the health and safety regulations is the responsibility of the contractor.

Minor house repairs

If you need any type of minor repair at home, repair workers can enter houses one at a time. If they have to touch the walls then gloves must be used and hand subsequently washed with soap and water, always respecting the one metre safety distance. If these rules cannot be respected then the repair cannot be carried out. Air the room by opening the windows during any repairs and disinfect the part affected by the intervention after its completion.

Rules for maintenance workers

The safety regulations in force are normally in addition to the extraordinary anti-contamination regulations. If it is not possible to comply with them, work must be suspended.

Rules for the apartment block administrator

If it is not possible to comply with safety regulations within an apartment block, then administrators must suspend all activity which involves contact with the public.

Meter readings

Presencial meter readings will not take place until further notice and this service can only be carried out remotely with no access to the apartment.

Heating maintenance

Heating maintenance (or any other type of maintenance in apartment blocks) cannot be performed if the anti-contamination protocol cannot be complied with.

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