Italy's latest houses for sale for 1 euro in Taranto

4 August 2020, Redaction

The town of Taranto is a coastal town in the Apulia region of Southern Italy and is actually an ancient colony of Magna Graecia, rich in natural and historical beauty, as well as being the latest town to join the houses for 1 euro initiative, along with Cinquefrondi, another recent addition. The aim is to give new life to the old town through the renovation of abandoned buildings sold at the symbolic price of one euro. All of this also comes with the appeal of one of the lowest COVID-19 contagion indexes in the Italian provinces. idealista/news has been in touch with the Councillor for Heritage of the Apulian city, Francesca Viggiano with some questions.

  • Taranto, like many other villages around Italy, has decided to promote the houses for 1 euro initiative. How did this come about and what does it consist of?

Mayor Melucci has decided to give further impetus to all the initiatives contained in the masterplan of the old town in Taranto, putting in place a plan aimed at repopulation and socio-economic redevelopment. And this is how the 1 euro house initiative came about.

  • What are the conditions for those who want to buy houses for 1 euro?

The main condition for buying one of these properties is economic reliability from the applicant. However, projects presented by people who wish to establish their permanent home in the more run down old town will be favoured, projects that will provide further possibilities of economic development and increase employment in this area of Taranto.

  • Where are these properties located and what are their characteristics?

The properties on offer are small buildings with more housing units inside them, and are located at the crossroads of the main street in the town, Via Duomo.

  • Are the 1 euro properties available already, and if so, what has been the response from possible buyers? 

This particular selection of properties are not yet published for purchase, nevertheless we have already received expressions of interest from residents even beyond national borders; fom Russia to China via the United States and other European countries.

  • Have any sales already been made?

Not yet, but other properties located in the old town in Taranto have been leased and restoration work has begun.

  • What is the added value that this initiative will bring to a city with almost 200,000 inhabitants?

We are working towards making an old city an ideal location for the birth of new families and new commercial activities, as well as attracting economic forces beyond the territorial borders.

  • Tell us about the claims of a low COVID-19 index in Taranto.

We were the first municipality to operate activity closures and we have kept constant control of the situation. The Taranto people have also responded well and are respecting the rules.

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