Where is the cheapest place to buy property in Italy in 2020?

Changing trends could see more people choosing to move out of Italy's big cities.

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2 September 2020, Redaction

The ever-increasing trend of teleworking could mean that more and more people choose to a move away from Italy's largest cities, destinations that have been popular up until now as they tend to house the offices and headquarters of large companies. Along the same lines, Italy is also prepared to see an increase in foreigners making Italy their home for similar reasons, with increased flexibility to work from home, anywhere in the world. In addition, due to new post-lockdown housing needs, which privilege wide and open spaces, smaller towns and rural areas could represent a valid alternative. Let's have a look at current house prices in Italy, focusing on the Italian provinces with prices per sqm below 1000 euros, with the help of this interactive map prepared by idealista/news.

Away from Italy's metropolitan cities, it proves much easier to find more spacious apartments or even villas with gardens at much lower prices than in urban centres like Rome and Milan, but also Bologna, Florence or Turin. In total, there are 21 Italian provinces that have an average sale price per square metre lower than 1000 euros.

The region most represented in this list is Southern Italy: Sicily is home to 5 provinces with average house prices below 1000 euros per square metre: Caltanissetta (724.43 euros/m2), Enna (835.27 euros/m2), Agrigento (845.44 euros/m2), Ragusa (905.29 euros/m2) and Syracuse (980.63 euros/m2).

However, the least expensive province of Italy is not found in the south of the country. The cheapest province in Italy is Biella, with an average house price of around 650 euros/m2. Piedmont is also represented by three other provinces with low house prices: Vercelli (831.63 euros/m2), Alessandria (845.81 euros/m2) and Asti (905.45 euros/m2).

Four more provinces with average prices under 1000 euros/m2 are found in Calabria. These are Reggio Calabria (849.75 euros/m2), Cosenza (861.91 euros/m2), Crotone (963.05 euros/m2) and Catanzaro (981.16 euros/m2). Among the most convenient provinces to buy a house is also Isernia (second in this ranking behind Biella), in Molise, where you need 721.87 euros/m2 to buy a residential property. Not far away, in Campobasso, the average price rises to 971,89 euros/m2.

Lazio has only two provinces in the list with Rieti (867.09 euro/sqm) and Frosinone (858.82 euro/sqm) coming in with low average prices. The provinces in Italy where prices per square metre of houses for sale are less than 1000 euros per square metre are completed by Rovigo in Veneto (935.82 euros/m2), Lecce in Apulia (985.19 euros/m2), Benevento (868.71 euros/m2) and Avellino (883.269 euros/m2) in Campania.

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