Get paid to move to Italy 2021: the villages in Piedmont that pay you to live there
Get paid to move to Italy 2021
31 August 2021, Redaction

Changing your life is possible and the Piedmont Region can help you do it. This is the motto of Italy's Piedmont Region where a new initiative has been launched, dedicated to those who want a slower rhythm and a life in harmony with nature. In the area surrounding the Piedmontese Alps and beyond, several small municipalities have decided to pay those who move there to live, looking for a different place to continue their work or start a new business. So, if you want to get paid to move to Italy in 2021, these are the villages in Piedmont that will pay you to live there.

Get paid to live in Piedmont

This initiative is aimed at revitalising municipalities in Piedmont that are home to less than 5,000 inhabitants and is especially for those who wish to move their main residence to one of these villages. The possibility to move to Piedmont and get paid to do so offers a contribution of between 10,000 and 40,000 euros (with a total budget of 10 million euros), money which should be used to renovate a property in the town in order to transform it into a home.

"The mountain is not and should not be seen as an inaccessible reserve, but as a great driver of the economy, nature, gastronomy and wine, tourism and all that it has to offer", comments the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio. "I believe that, after two years of pandemic, this idea of pure and clean air, the possibility for those who wish to live in contact with nature, are values in which to invest for our future and that of our extraordinary mountains".

If you want to get paid to live in Italy, then get ready for 1st September 2021 when the application process opens. Applications will be accepted until 31st December 2021 and will be combined with a similar initiative dedicated to "service shops", with contributions for those who support activities in mountain areas. Further information can be found on the Piedmont region website.

Which villages in Piedmont will pay you to live there?

But what are the Piedmontese villages that will pay you to live there? There are in fact 465 small municipalities taking part, 48 in the province of Alessandria, 12 in the province of Asti, 48 in the province of Biella, 132 in the province of Cuneo, 3 in the province of Novara, 132 in the province of Turin, 66 in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and 24 in the province of Vercelli. The complete list can be found here .

Who can apply?

The authorities in Piedmont have stated that they will allocate contributions to those born after 1955 who wish to move to one of the mountain municipalities concerned. In particular, those born after 1980 will receive a higher amount of money in most cases in order to encourage young people to join this initiative.

What is the eligibility criteria?

If you own or plan to buy a residential real estate unit in one of the municipalities involved and want to receive the mentioned funding, moving your main residence there within 10 years is one of the things that will give you more points. As well as this, working at least 50% of the time from home, an ISEE equal to or less than 20,000 euros and at least one child aged 10 or less who will have residence and habitual residence in the property purchased are also points in favour.

Additional points are also awarded to those who restore the properties with architectural and landscape solutions provided by the Piedmont Region, with the use of materials typical of the Piedmontese Alpine landscape and with the works entrusted to companies with registered offices in a Piedmontese mountain municipality.

In the case of your application being successful and you are given a grant for the purchase of a house in one of the villages, the deed of sale must be signed within 6 months from the date of approval, while the renovation works must be completed within 18 months. 

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