The most prestigious neighbourhoods in Rome

Rome is home to several exclusive neighbourhoods with spectacular luxury homes.

Luxury homes in Rome
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17 February 2021, Redaction

2021 will be a year of recovery for the Roman real estate market, as Italy continues to battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the virus has had a negative effect on the real estate market in Italy in general, with a drop in the number of sales, the luxury real estate market in Italy continues to thrive for the most part. Italy's capital city Rome is home to some of the most exclusive and sought-after luxury neighbourhoods in the country. So, if you're longing for a life of luxury in 2021, let's have a look at the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Rome with some help from Coldwell Banker Italy. 

According to the experts at Coldwell Banker's international real estate network, the particular dynamism of house prices in Rome is something that will stand out in 2021. It is also highlighted that the majority of enquiries received by Coldwell's Rome agencies concern homes that include outdoor spaces, as buyers are looking for more open spaces and fresh air as a result of the pandemic. Safe and private communal areas are also a strong point for luxury buyers, as is attention to energy efficiency.

Andrea Barbera, broker at Coldwell Banker Barbera Group International Real Estate, explains: "What we are seeing in the luxury real estate sector at this stage is a very lively market. Properties positioned at the right price are selling rather quickly." She also added that in the luxury real estate market in Rome, there is actually a shortage of properties. "We are in a moment of scarcity of supply compared to demand. Undoubtedly, we are seeing an increasing focus on the home, understood as a rediscovery of living oriented towards improving daily well-being".

Alessandro Beddini, a broker at Coldwell Banker Prestige, adds more information regarding the location of Rome's most prestigious neighbourhoods, and points towards a shift. In the past, the most exclusive areas to live in Rome have been located in the centre of the city, but this is something that may be changing. "As far as urban growth is concerned, the fastest growing areas are undoubtedly the semi-central ones. This expansion is due to the larger areas available for the construction of new homes and a more interesting market for builders themselves, who are thus able to optimise their investments and offer a product with a good quality/price ratio".

So what are the most popular luxury districts in Rome? Where do the rich live in Rome? As far as luxury real estate is concerned, the historic city centre of Rome, Aventine, and the Prati/San Pietro district where breathtaking views and the artistic and monumental beauties shine are the most popular areas for luxury buyers, with interest from both Italian and international clientele.

One of the most symbolic Roman neighbourhoods is Trastevere, which is much more than a neighbourhood, it is a real way of being. From popular to radical chic, today Trastevere is certainly one of the city's most prestigious locations. The appeal and elegance of Parioli and Pinciano is equally timeless, where you can go from period residences and exclusive villas to the modernity of high-value flats.

In addition to this area, which is the area par excellence of the Roman bourgeoisie, other attractive neighbourhoods are also included in this classification, such as Monteverde Vecchio and Gianicolo, rich in elegant villas and palaces with breathtaking views of ancient Rome. For those who want a more intimate dimension with lots of green spaces, head to the exclusive districts of Camilluccia and EUR.

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