1 euro homes for sale in Italy in 2021

Houses for sale for 1 euro in Italy are attracting the attention of many people across the world and are bringing life back to Italy's abandoned villages.

Troina is one of the Italian villages offering 1 euro houses in 2021 / Wikimedia Commons
22 June 2021, Emma Donaldson

1 euro homes in Italy continue to steal headlines across the world and are becoming an increasingly popular option for both buyers and sellers. First things first, what is the 1 euro house scheme in Italy? This scheme, which can be found in municipalities across the country, features usually run down properties that are in need of a new owner and renovation. These properties are sold for the symbolic price of 1 euro in the hope of repopulating area and rebuilding the local community and in most cases, buyers must renovate the properties within a certain time period. Their increasing popularity seems to suggest that 1 euro house schemes ("case 1 euro" in Italian) are a success, attracting the attention of many people across the world and are bringing life back to Italy's abandoned villages. When it comes to 1 euro homes for sale in Italy in 2021, we have the details of a selection of 1 euro homes for sale listings this year.

What towns in Italy are selling houses for 1 euro in 2021?

Delia, Sicily

Delia is one of the many towns in Sicily to offer 1 euro houses for sale. Located in the province of Caltanissetta, the Italian village of Delia has been increasingly affected by depopulation and abandoned properties, and according to the mayor, the aim of the initiative launched by the administration is "to recover and enhance existing real estate heritage", of the town, while focusing on "revitalising the historic centre and favouring new residential settlements, tourist accommodation activities, shops or craft workshops".

Troina, Sicily

Troina, also located in Sicily, is a medieval village and its historic centre has suffered abandonment and depopulation in recent decades. This is the main reason for its participation in the 1 euro house scheme, one that is gaining particular interest from abroad. The mayor of the village, Sebastiano Venezia, stated in an interview that there has been interest from "a lot of Americans and British people, but also Russians, French and Germans. There have also been many requests from Latin America, Japan and the Middle East."

Oyace, Aosta

Moving beyond Sicily, 1 euro houses can also be found in Northern Italy. Oyace, located in the Aosta Valley, has just 212 inhabitants and as well as wanting to repopulate the historic city centre, the local council also want to help the owners of abandoned properties in the town. The mayor of Oyace stated that "an abandoned property in many cases is not safe and the owners almost always see it as a burden and a waste of money, which is why they do not intervene to renovate the property or make it safe". As a result, the mayor wants to help these property owners above all else with the 1 euro house scheme.

Sassari, Sardinia

This 1 euro house project in the town of Sassari on the island of Sardinia is in the early stages and aims to breathe new life into the city's historic city centre, due to the fact that this area is home to an increasing number of dilapidated and abandoned houses. Like in many cases, whoever buys a 1 euro house in this town has to renovate the property, in this particular town within a period of 3 years. 

Pietramelara, Campania

The local council in the town of Pietramelara in Campania has also decided to launch a 1 euro house project, in this case with the objective of attracting buyers who are ready to invest in the area. This scheme especially favours any entrepreneurial activities that could bring new life to the village, things such as B&B or restaurants. The local mayor highlights the tourism potantial of this charming village as something which could make the 1 euro house scheme particularly successful in Pietramelara.

Laurenzana, Basilicata 

Next on the list is the village of Laurenzana, a village in Basilicata that has chosen to take part in the 1 euro house scheme, especially focusing on its old town. Just like in the villages in Oyace and Pietramelara, the local council want to breathe new life into the historic centre of the village and there are no restrictions on the use of the properties once sold. There are between 30 and 40 properties available and the town applications have already been flooding in, both from Italy and from abroad. 

Maenza, Lazio

Maenza is a medieval village in Lazio which has also turned to the 1 euro house scheme with the aim of recovering abandoned houses in the historic centre and repopulating this area. Some of the buildings are unsafe and will require a lot of work, something which the mayor wants to rectify, and the best solution in this case is selling houses for 1 euro. The mayor highlights the high quality of life in the village and that it is a "very welcoming medieval town, where there are many initiatives both in summer and winter".

Salemi, Sicily

Another village in the Italian region of Sicily offering 1 euro houses is Salemi which has a total of 36 properties up for grabs. The criteria for buying one of these 1 euro houses in Salemi includes having to renovate the property within a period of 3 years, and as well as being used as homes, these run-down houses can also be purchased to be used for economic activities and accommodation.

Castiglione, Sicily

Staying in Sicily, the next village offering 1 euro houses in the region is Castiglione, a beautiful village which overlooks the Alcantara valley. What's different about the scheme in Castiglione compared to other villages is the fact that the local council isn't just promoting 1 initiative, but 3. These initiatives include the classic 1 euro houses, as well as other properties in better condition with a higher price of around 2,000 euros. The third initiative is slightly different and involves expropriating a selection of small houses and changing their use in order to transform them and improve all aspects of the town.

Cammarata, Sicily

The 1 euro house project in Cammarata, also in Sicily, is another unique project compared to the others mentioned. The local council is working with an association of young professionals who have commited themselves to safeguarding the historic centre of their home town. The project has already featured on CNN and is attracting international attention, while people are especially attracted to this particular scheme due to the fact that the young people involved plan to assist buyers throughout the whole process, including the renovation work. 

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