Truffle in Italy: Festivals, Markets & Fairs

Black truffle from Gubbio / Flickr
17 September 2018, Eleonora Passetto

The Truffle is a real delicacy typical of some regions of Italy, such as Piedmont and Umbria. In the kitchen it is used to season pasta and risotto and to prepare delicious main courses enriched with its aroma, but it is also excellent spread on bread as a creamy topping. The smell and taste of truffles are unmistakable and today many foods are flavoured with truffles, such as oil, salami, honey and cheese.

Traditionally, truffles are picked by hand and identified with the help of the dog's nose. Italy is a world leader in the production and culinary expression of truffles, so if you want to enjoy the excellence of this product there are many events in Italy dedicated to it that you can't afford to miss in 2018/19!

Alba's white truffle fair and market - Piedmont

Black truffle selection / Flickr

The International Alba Truffle Fair is definitely the most important event that awaits you in the Langhe (a hilly area in the province of Cuneo, famous for its excellent Barolo wine, vineyards trails and amazing scenery). The fair is held in autumn, when you will have 7 weekends to taste one of the rarest and most highly prized ingredients in the entire world, the White Truffle, and to buy certified ones. Fairs, events, markets, foody moments and much more await you here.

Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d'Alba, Piedmont:

Moncalvo's truffle fair - Piedmont

Homemade pasta with truffle / Pixabay

Visit this little town on these 2 amazing days in October for a Truffle Fair with loads of manifestations specially dedicated to this amazing 'treasure'. The aim of this celebration? To show off the richness of the territory and its traditions, culture and history. The truffle plays a starring role with many themed events and special menus proposed for the occasion in restaurants all over this incredible city.

Fiera del Tartufo di Moncalvo, Piedmont:

San Miniato's Truffle Fair - Tuscany

Price of the Truffle / Flickr

The ancient historic center of San Miniato, with its characteristic streets and historic squares, becomes the largest open-air taste laboratory in Italy, where gourmet chefs and visitors meet to appreciate the excellence of enogastronomy. The first San Miniato Truffle Festival took place on October 26th, 1969 in Piazza Del Duomo and, after two years' hiatus, which certainly served to underline what great potential this precious product had, the party was punctually repeated every year.

Over the years, the festival has grown more and more, today becoming an International Market Show. The White Truffle, always a protagonist, has been joined by other local products such as wines, cheeses and cured meats that make these three weekends in November an important showcase of this Tuscan area.

Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianco Di San Miniato, Tuscany:

Black Truffle Festival of Norcia - Umbria

Close-up of a truffle / Pixabay

In February, Nero Norcia is back – the National Market of the precious black truffle and the typical products of Norcia, better known as the black truffle festival. This is an unmissable event for all those who love good food. Over 100 producers display their delicacies, strictly artesanal – not only truffles but also cured meats, cheeses, wines and other homemade products. To accompany them, there is a calendar full of events, music, conferences, tastings and much more.

Nero Norcia, la sagra del tartufo nero, Piedmont:

Acqualagna's white truffle fair - Le Marche

White truffle / Wikimedia Commons

During the year there are three events dedicated to the truffle in the municipality. The most important is between October and November with the National White Truffle Fair in which this town of Le Marche becomes the host of the fine white truffle. The entire town of Acqualagna puts itself at the disposal of the event. The town's main square houses the stands of the fresh truffle merchants. The Palatartufo is the most important reception space for over 200,000 visitors to the Fair.

Walking its 4,000 square metres, enthusiasts of food and wine culture can taste and buy the best that traditional Italian cuisine has to offer: the production of truffles typical of the area, the many products and delicious examples of gastronomic tradition of other Italian regions.

Fiera del Tartufo Bianco di Acqualagna, Piedmont:

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